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Students who participate in the Institute’s programs come from a variety of majors and disciplines, including everything from computer science, to history, environmental science, and everything in between. For students interested in public policy, the Institute provides several experiential opportunities to put learning into practice and enhance academic connections.

Passion to act: Micaela Edelson ’17 gives voice to environmental issues


The public policy major at Gettysburg College offers a flexible, rigorous, multidisciplinary curriculum that provides training for students interested in problem-solving in domestic or international public arenas. Intended to accommodate a wide range of interests, the public policy major serves as a second major for students, building on the substantive knowledge of their first major.

For example, Micaela Edelson ’17, who is interested in environmental issues, majored in environmental studies and public policy, and minored in political science and peace and justice studies. Participating in the Institute’s Inside the Middle East program, Edelson was able to combine her interest in science and policy and get a taste for how her background and skills would translate to a future career.

Visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories as part of the program’s learning tour, Edelson met with leaders on the ground to discuss the complexities of conflict in the Middle East. On the science side, she heard from scholars at The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research about the challenges of sustainability in the Negev Desert. Edelson visited the Dead Sea and learned how the water supply in Israel is directly linked to historical development, and how that impacts political relations today.

The opportunities for experiential learning at the Institute provide connections to a variety of fields and career interests.

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