Fielding Fellows Awarded Diplomacy Lab project from U.S. State Department


In September, Dr. Shirley Anne Warshaw, the Director of the Fielding Center for Presidential Leadership Study, received an award from the United States Department of State’s Diplomacy Lab initiative. Working with the eight Fielding Fellows, Dr. Warshaw and the Fellows will examine alternatives for repurposing a U.S. Air Force base in Portugal for private-sector use.  The base in Portugal no longer serves its original military purpose and will be deeded over to Portugal for non-military use.  At the conclusion of the project in March, Dr. Warshaw and the Fielding Fellows will present their findings at the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.

Last year, Dr. Warshaw received a State Department Diplomacy Lab award to examine options for reducing state and local corruption in Hungary, also working with the Fielding Fellows.  To enhance their understanding of corruption in Hungary, the Fielding Fellows travelled to Berlin, Germany to meet with Transparency International, to discuss global anti-corruption initiatives. In January 2017, the Fielding Fellows presented their findings at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, including data on both broader Eastern European and Hungarian corruption and solutions for addressing such corruption.

Since 2013, Diplomacy Lab has tapped students and faculty around the nation to study real-world policy issues on their behalf, with the dual goals of promoting civic engagement in diplomacy and expanding the State Department’s research base. Gettysburg College is one of only twenty-eight institutions engaged in this competitive partnership with the Department of State.

Article written by Jeffrey Lauck ‘18, a political science and history double major and a 2017-2018 Fielding Fellow