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The Eisenhower Institute is currently accepting applications from current Gettysburg College students for the following programs. Learn more about the programs and submit your application today:

Undergraduate Fellows - Application Center

Undergraduate Fellows (2017-2018)

The EI Undergraduate Fellows program offers a select group of Gettysburg College students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as enhance their knowledge and understanding of public policy. Each year a different facet of public policy is examined by the Fellows. A new class of Undergraduate Fellows will be selected at the conclusion of each spring semester.

Applications for 2017-2018 EI Undergraduate Fellows program are now closed.

View the FAQ for the EI Undergraduate Fellows.

Fielding Fellows - Application Center

The Fielding Center for Presidential Leadership Study (2017-2018)

The Fielding Fellowship is the cornerstone of the Center, designed to help students approach issues with an academic perspective and connect them with senior members of the executive branch. The Fellowship is composed of students in their senior year, and a new class of Fielding Fellows will be selected at the conclusion of each spring semester.

Applications for the 2017-2018 Fielding Fellows program are now closed.

View the FAQ for the Fielding Fellows here.

Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership (2016-2017)

Environmental Leadership participants gain a greater understanding of marine policy issues and to develop their social science research skills. These objectives are achieved through guided discussion sessions, readings, and the completion of an original research project, as well as real world experiences that will provide students with opportunities to understand coastal problems and solutions. Students are provided meaningful opportunities to interact with environmental policy leaders and to learn from leading scholars in the field.

Applications for the 2016-2017 Environmental Leadership program are now closed. 2017-2018 Applications will be posted in August 2017.

Inside Politics - Application Center

Inside Politics (Spring 2017)

Inside Politics participants explore the “story behind the story” of political parties, campaigns, government, and the intersection of media/politics/leadership. Participants travel to Washington, D.C. for behind-the-scenes & VIP tours and briefings with Washington insiders while actively participating in multiple networking opportunities.

Applications for the Spring 2017 Inside Politics program are now closed. Fall 2017 Applications will be posted in August 2017.

Inside the Middle East - Application Center

Inside the Middle East (2016-2017)

Inside the Middle East participants explore diverse issues of the Middle East by examining its primary players, the major issues that influence current events in this complex region, the challenges of militant Islam, the implications of the Arab Spring, current trends and future directions as well as the role of social media. This year long seminar concludes with an experiential learning trip to Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan.

Applications for the 2016-2017 Inside the Middle East are now closed. 2017-2018 Applications will be posted in August 2017.

SALTT - Application Center

Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times (2016-2017)

SALTT imparts lifelong insights into strategy, leadership, and followership along with values and ethical considerations. Participants study and consider the implications of strategy and leadership in relation to contemporary geopolitics. Students examine the current challenges in U.S.-Russian relations, and then put their knowledge into practice by developing strategies to manage and improve one of the most important, yet strained, relationships in the world today.

Applications for the 2016-2017 SALTT program are now closed. 2017-2018 Applications will be posted in August 2017.

Women in Leadership - Application Center

Women in Leadership (Spring 2017)

Women in Leadership is designed to study the intersection of gender issues and leadership components and to learn about the evolution of women in politics, athletics, business, media, law, and science. Students meet for discussions focusing on relevant topics, attend sessions in Washington, D.C., and attend dinners and working lunches. The program culminates in a symposium where students present semester-long research projects.

Applications for the Spring 2017 Women in Leadership program are now closed. Spring 2018 Applications will be posted in December 2017.

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