EI Summer Camp

May I drive my own vehicle?

Yes. Students are permitted to drive themselves to and from the program (free parking is provided). Upon arrival, students will be asked to give their keys to their RA. Students are not permitted to drive while the program is in session. 

Do students attend from other parts of the country?
Yes. In the past we have had students attend from all across the country, including: California, Utah, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, and Massachusetts. 

Where will I stay and where will the academic session take place?
Participants are housed in on the College's air conditioned residence halls and all academic sessions take place in air conditioned classrooms on the Gettysburg College campus. 

Does attending the program help me gain acceptance to Gettysburg College?
Students will have the opportunity to tour the campus and complete prospective student forms that will be given to the Admissions Office. Participation in rigorous academic programs, like Gettysburg College's Campaign and Elections Academy, shows intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, and demonstrates interest in Gettysburg College, all factors that are viewed positively by admissions officials, although no special consideration is given to participants of the program. 

Why is the program so expensive?
We are dedicated to providing participants a world-class academic experience. This requires that we keep sessions small (no more than twenty-five participants per session), recruit leading professors, maintain a low participant to residential staff ratio (1:6), and provide interesting field experiences. In addition, we make use of state-of-the-art education spaces, comfortable residence halls, and provide outstanding food options. Please note, this is not a standard "camp" with hundreds of participants and few adult supervisors. This program is designed for a small group of highly motivated students to receive personalized instruction from leading academics. Professors not only deliver the lectures and design the discussion topics, they provide individualized instruction and interact with the students throughout the day.  

Is financial aid available?

Unfortunately, the fixed costs associated with the program prohibit us from offering financial aid at this time. We are actively seeking contributors for a scholarship fund and encourage anyone interested in sponsoring participants to this program to contact the Eisenhower Institute’s Executive Director, Jeffrey Bavatt.

Do I need to submit a teacher recommendation with my application?
No. Teacher recommendations are not required, but will be considered if you wish to send one (most students do not submit teacher letters). We do ask for teacher contact information on the application and will contact teachers if the admissions committee has questions regarding the academic qualifications of an applicant. 

I have a dietary restriction -- What are my options?
Gettysburg College has an excellent dining center and can provide students with a variety of food options. (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, gluten free...). Please let us know if you have a dietary restriction, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.   

Will I have Wi-Fi access while on campus?
Yes. Students have wireless internet access throughout the campus and in the dorm. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops and tablet devices with them to the program and will also have access to computers in the college library.

Additional Questions?
Please email us. amerigov@gettysburg.edu