Financial Award Information

Award Information

Due to the high cost of travel, lodging, and meals, some Eisenhower Institute Expert Programs necessitate an administrative fee to help offset expenses. Fortunately, monies have been made available by various donors to be awarded to Gettysburg College students who qualify for financial assistance. The total amount of award funds available varies annually.

With limited funds available, unfortunately, not all applicants will receive awards. The amount of individual awards varies from one-quarter, to one-half, to the full program fee.

Financial Award applicants must formally apply to an EI Expert Program to qualify for award monies. By applying and upon acceptance into an EI program, a participant enters into a contractual agreement with EI in that they are responsible for paying the project fees or any expenses incurred on their behalf, should they decide to withdraw from the program at a later date.

Please read the relevant EI Expert program webpage before submitting a completed application. 

Award Criteria

The Eisenhower Institute administers awards to Gettysburg College students based on the following criteria:

  • Applicants must present a well-written, thorough, concise and thoughtful application to a relevant EI Expert Program. Applicants who submit incomplete and/or inadequate applications jeopardize their chances of receiving award monies.

  • The Eisenhower Institute distributes individual awards based on:
    • Content and quality of essay responses in the EI Expert Program application
    • Financial need of the applicant (EI obtains the financial ranking of each applicant from Gettysburg College's Office of Financial Aid. Categories are high, medium, and low, based on an applicant’s financial package)
    • Total amount of award money available
    • Total number of applicants


To apply for financial award consideration, please complete the online EI Financial Award Application.