Inside Politics

Inside Politics is the Eisenhower Institute's semester-long mentoring experience on campus and in Washington, D.C. designed for Gettysburg students from diverse academic disciplines. Each semester will bring experts to campus to work with a select group of Gettysburg College students. Inside Politics students also contribute to Ike's Anvil, a student-run foundry for political discussion.  

Inside Politics' Expert-in-Resident is journalist, speech writer, presidential historian, and the Eisenhower Institute Norris Public Policy Fellow Kasey S. Pipes. Previous programs have included a trip to Washington D.C. where students met with a variety of D.C. insiders, including Karl Rove, former Senior Presidential Advisor; Fred Fielding; Jim Morrell, former White House spokesman; and political commentator Juan Williams.

Fall 2012 Inside Politics Team with 2012-13 White House Fellows

Kasey Pipes and the Fall 2012 Inside Politics Team with the 2012-13 Class of White House Fellows


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