Inside Politics


Program Objective

Inside Politics students tour NBC's 'Meet the Press' studio

Inside Politics students tour NBC's 'Meet the Press' studio

Inside Politics is the Eisenhower Institute's semester-long mentoring experience on campus at Gettysburg College and in Washington, D.C. designed for students from diverse academic disciplines to identify and understand the “story behind the story” of political parties, campaigns, the American presidency, Congress, and public perceptions of contemporary public policy matters. Inside Politics provides a select group of Gettysburg College students with distinct learning opportunities and access to high profile, influential public servants and policymakers. Inside Politics students also contribute to the blog Ike's Anvil, a student-run foundry for political discussion. The program is led by Norris Fellow Kasey S. Pipes.


Program Components

The program is divided into three complementary parts:

  • Lectures/interactive sessions that provide participants with the insightful perspectives and information necessary to understand politics and policy development
  • A research project that enables participants to research a specific policy issue selected by each participant
  • A participant-run Inside Politics Student Symposium in which seminar participants present the key findings from their research


Required Reading

  • “Graduation Speech to Gettysburg College Class of 2008,” Fred Fielding
  • “Graduation Speech to Fordham University Class of 2006,” Chris Matthews
  • Ike’s Final Battle, Kasey Pipes
  • “What is Leadership?” (Reader’s Digest article), Dwight Eisenhower
  • Hardball, Chris Matthews
  • Enough, Juan Williams [optional]


Spring 2018 Program Schedule