Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times


Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times (SALTT) is a yearlong specialized seminar that aims to introduce students to the concepts of strategic thinking and leadership. Under the direction of Eisenhower Institute Chairman Emeritus Susan Eisenhower, SALTT participants use case studies from contemporary geopolitics, history, business, and public policy to examine the tenets of strategic thinking, and how it can be used to address rapidly changing political, social, and business environments.

In the fall semester, Friday-night sessions will use World War Two as a case study for the effective use of a strategy, while Saturday sessions will provide an opportunity for participants to work on their own strategies on problems of their choice. In the spring semester, current US-Russian relations will be examined as an example of the absence of strategy, with considerable focus on how relations impact politics, business, arts & culture, and science. Students will again develop their own strategies, this time focusing on major geopolitical challenges. 

Through examination of case studies and development of individual strategies, students are able to understand and practice strategic thinking for use in their future careers in the private, public, or non-profit sectors.

Program Eligibility

The SALTT program will be comprised of competitively selected students from Gettysburg College. The Eisenhower Institute is seeking exceptional students who successfully complete an application process and an interview. Applicants must be willing to commit a Friday from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM once a month, as well as four days at the end of the January break. Participants should also hold Spring Break for potential travel or additional sessions.

2017-2018 Program Schedule