Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times

Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times (SALTT) is a specialized, highly selective year-long experience that immerses students in the dynamic world of strategic thinking and investigates the role that leadership plays in these transformational times. By using case studies and problem solving techniques, the skills developed in this seminar can be applied to rapidly changing political, social, or business environments, essential tools for success in the public or private sector. SALTT offers a unique opportunity to observe, learn, and practice the principles of strategic leadership. 

Active learning is the core of the SALTT program. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of strategy and leadership in a monthly discussion session led by Susan Eisenhower, an expert on energy security and business strategies, with decades of consulting experience. During the year, students will also have the opportunity to travel to Washington to meet well-recognized professionals who will shed light on the essence of strategy in public life.

After analyzing real world problems, participants will then test their mettle by working in groups to produce a plan-of-action and a written strategy addressing a problem of local, national, or global importance – the culmination of the SALTT experience.

SALTT is designed for students from diverse academic disciplines to gain substantive knowledge about strategy and leadership – be it public policy, law, business, marketing, or the humanities.


Susan Eisenhower with the Honorable William F. Martin, former Special Assistant to President Reagan for National Security, and several 2013 SALTT participants during their Strategy Presentations. 


Susan Eisenhower, Chairman Emeritus & Expert-in-Residence

Eisenhower was a founding director and the first president of the Eisenhower Institute where she became known for her work in the former Soviet Union and in the energy field. She is currently the Eisenhower Institute's Chair Emeritus and an Expert-in-Residence. Susan Eisenhower also serves as President of the Eisenhower Group, Inc. which provides strategic counsel on political and business projects.  In January 2010, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu appointed Eisenhower to serve on the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future, which has been tasked with developing a long-term solution for safely managing the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Eisenhower has consulted for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and served on many government task forces, including the NASA Advisory Council and the National Academy of Sciences' standing Committee on International Security and Arms Control. She has sat on two previous blue ribbon commissions for the Department of Energy, including the Baker-Cutler Commission on US funded nuclear nonproliferation programs in Russia. Eisenhower has authored three books, two of which, Breaking Free and Mrs. Ike, appeared on regional best seller lists. She has also edited four collected volumes on regional security issues, most recently Partners in Space.

Eisenhower has been a Fellow at Harvard's JFK School of Government's Institute of Politics and a Distinguished Fellow at the Nixon Center. She currently sits on the boards of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Energy Future Coalition, and the MIT Energy Initiative, and she is an advisor to the US Chamber of Commerce's new Institute for 21st Century Energy and the Air Force Academy's Eisenhower Center for Space and Defense Studies. 

Susan Eisenhower addressing the crowd at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver

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