Washington Connections: Decision 2020

Go inside the biggest political story of 2020.

Washington Connections

Washington Connections is a semester-long experience that provides participants with a deeper understanding of the American political system, equips them with skills to engage as members of a civic community, and prepares them for lives and careers as agents of change. 

This fall, the theme for Washington Connections is Decision 2020. Working with practitioners and scholars, participants will develop an understanding of the issues at play in the presidential and congressional elections this November and their significance for American democracy.

The program will take place in three parts:

  • Weekly sessions will help participants make sense of the 2020 elections from multiple perspectives. Guest speakers will  come from a bipartisan array of professionals including campaign staff, policy staff, fundraisers, pollsters, and other stakeholders.
  • An election-watch project will challenge participants to track and report on developments in key battleground states.
  • Alumni mentorship opportunities will help participants learn more about public service careers and think through how their academic work can be translated to professional environments.

Washington Connections will be facilitated by Prof. Bruce Larson and Prof. Scott Boddery.

Fall 2020 Schedule

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