Whitman Scholarship (Perry)

The Dwight D. Eisenhower/Ann Cook Whitman Scholarship Program for Perry High School

Dwight D. Eisenhower believed that democracy and citizen leadership characterize a strong nation. Leadership in a strong democracy requires citizens who can trust their government, understand and take personal responsibility, participate as leaders with a strong value system and personal integrity, and are informed and participate in their democracy. Eisenhower's vision of democracy requires a strong and free economy guided by fiscal responsibility, a commitment to education, a strong national defense, bi-partisanship in government, global involvement, open and free access to information and a free press.

The Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to carrying Dwight Eisenhower's legacy into the 21st century by fostering integrity and trust in federal government, promoting broader understanding of America's role and responsibilities in world affairs and fostering leadership development and public service in America and its youth.

Through independent and collaborative programs, the Institute pursues this mission by: education; communication; publications and multi-media technology; policy conferences; and recognition of the leadership of individuals and organizations that carry the Eisenhower legacy forward.



The primary purpose of the Dwight D. Eisenhower/Ann Cook Whitman Scholarship Program is to assist graduating seniors from Perry High School, Perry, Ohio, based on need and merit, in obtaining an undergraduate degree in furtherance of their education and leadership skills. This objective is consistent with The Eisenhower Institute's other scholarship and fellowship programs.


The Dwight D. Eisenhower/Ann Cook Whitman Scholarship Program is awarded annually to two senior students at Perry High School who plan to receive an undergraduate education and who demonstrate that their course work and grades satisfy the requirements set forth below.

Students should have a B average or above, a requirement that can be waived for candidates with particularly strong needs or qualifications otherwise.

Screening, Applications, and Notification

Perry High School will advertise and make known that two $4,000 Dwight D. Eisenhower/Ann Cook Whitman Scholarships are available annually to their student body. Through its existing procedures for scholarships, the high school will accept and screen applications and then forward at least three, but no more than four applications to the Institute for consideration and final selection by The Eisenhower Institute Grants Committee.

Applications should include:

  1. The applicant's academic transcript;
  2. A resume reflecting any work experience and civic activities;
  3. A statement of career aspirations by the student (approximately 1,000 words), including how the student's proposed course work relates to his or her goals;
  4. A letter of recommendation from the candidate's faculty advisor or guidance counselor;
  5. A letter of recommendation from a member of the Perry, Ohio community, other than a family member; and
  6. Documentation from Perry High School on its needs-based assessment procedures for its nominees.

Interviews are not required. However, the Grants Committee has the discretion to hold interviews if it desires to do so.


Applications must be received no later than April 4th, 2019. Notification to the Perry High School Guidance Counselor and winners will occur in May.

Funding and Reporting Requirements

At a mutually agreed upon date between the Institute and the recipient's undergraduate school (but no later than September 15th of each year), the scholarship funds will be forwarded to the recipient's undergraduate school.

Dependent on The Eisenhower Institute receiving a written satisfactory advisor report at the end of each academic year, Eisenhower/Whitman Scholars will receive the $4,000 stipend each year for four years. These reports should include the student's transcript, as well as a review of the accomplishments made during the academic year.

All application materials should be forwarded to The Eisenhower Institute at ei@gettysburg.edu.